Antigone Rising

In more than 20 years as one of America's hardest-working bands, Antigone Rising has established a far-reaching reputation for sticking to their instincts. While the all-female New York natives’ live performances have earned the long-term devotion of fans, Antigone Rising's passionate social conscience continues to manifest itself in the group's tireless activism.  

In 2014, the band launched the ambitious nonprofit organization Girls Rising, whose live presentations reflect the same passionate belief that drives the trio's music. Throughout the year, Girls Rising partners with local school districts and youth centers to create programming that's designed to inspire and empower young girls and LGBTQ youth through live performances, presentations, and workshops. The band also presents the annual Girls Rising Music Festival and Game Changer Awards, now in its sixth year. The festival showcases female artists the band has mentored, as well as giving these artists opportunities to perform alongside nationally recognized Grammy-winning artists. Girls Rising also awards scholarships to deserving girls established through private donations as well as celebrity grants to local youth created by Melissa Etheridge, Joan Jett, Carnie Wilson, and, most recently, Paula Cole. 

The creation of Girls Rising was originally set in motion after Antigone Rising was invited by the US State Department to travel as cultural ambassadors throughout the Middle East. After touring the Middle East, the band traveled to Asia, Europe, Mexico, and throughout the United States bringing the Girls Rising program to schools, refugee camps, and community centers, spreading a message of inclusion. 

The band’s activism is reflected in much of Antigone Rising’s latest work, as the trio continues releasing singles to download and stream throughout the year. 2019’s “It’s Gonna Be Alright” is an optimistic spin during a time of political unrest. The band’s next release, “Avalanche,” due in late 2019, is an anthem for young girls and women everywhere to stand up and be heard. 

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