Pickleball Camp in Punta Cana

Olivia is thrilled to bring you our first-ever Pickleball Camp in Punta Cana. You can expect to learn daily drills & skills, plus play coached matches all week long. This camp is open to all levels – whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced. End your week with some fun competitive tournaments, complete with medals! Our camp will be led by pickleball Pro and PrimeTime Pickleball owner Nicole Havlicek, in addition to coaches Miriam Garfinkel and Darlene Vendegna. Be prepared to have fun and take home some new pickleball skills.

Meet your Pickleball Team!

Nicole Havlicek, Pickleball Pro and PrimeTime Pickleball Owner

Nicole is an IPTPA certified pickleball coach as well as a 5.0 level pickleball player. Nicole co-founded and its associated Youtube Channel (PrimeTime Pickleball) in 2017 with the mission of delivering world-class online pickleball instruction in an engaging format all while being very informative in order to help you elevate your game. The Youtube channel has gained 70K+ subscribers and 9M+ video views since that time making it the #1 channel on Youtube in the pickleball category. Coaching is her passion! No matter if you are new to the game, an avid recreational player or an experienced tournament player, Nicole's instruction can help you elevate your game to the level of your dreams.

Miriam Garfinkel, Pickleball Coach

Miriam is a PPR Certified Pickleball Professional, a seasoned tournament player and instructor. She’s been teaching Pickleball for the past five years, co-founded the Pickleball program at Oakland Hills Tennis Club and has taught previously at Olivia Cancun. She currently teaches both privately and through various cities in the San Francisco Bay Area. Miriam brings her skills as a mental health practitioner and trainer/ facilitator to her understanding of how adults learn best and loves teaching Pickleball to both new and experienced players.

A lifelong athlete, Miriam began her ”athletic career” on the streets of the Bronx before she started playing team sports well into her adult years. As a competitive cyclist and ballroom dancer, she has participated in numerous Gay Games internationally. Miriam understands the joys and challenges of learning a new sport as an adult, whether as a recreational player or competitor. She’s never had as much fun nor experienced as much camaraderie and community as she does both playing and teaching Pickleball. “If you want something you’ve never had, be willing to do something you’ve never done."

Darlene (Dar) Vendegna, Pickleball Coach

Darlene (Dar) Vendegna has been coaching various sports for decades, with pickleball added three years ago. She’s taught all ages, from 6 to 90, at parks all over the San Francisco Bay Area and in the Midwest. “I love the light that comes into somebody’s eyes and the grin on their face the first time they participate in a successful rally. If they laugh during play, that’s an extra bonus.” She’s a PPR Certified Coach as well as an Ambassador with the USA Pickleball Association. Her motto is PICKLEBALL TO THE PEOPLE.