Announcing Olivia's "Pickleball Pros in Paradise"

This ultimate pickleball vacation includes instruction from top pickleball pros and coaches in the U.S. This is our 2nd Pickleball Camp complete with daily clinics, coached matches, and an end-of-the week waterfall event where all levels of play are welcome. Whether you are a beginner or a 4.5 player, your vacation will not only be relaxing and fun, but also improve your game. We are excited to welcome Major League Pickleball's fun-loving, most valuable player (MVP) Lee Whitwell and Senior Pickleball Pro and Coach Mary Helen Atkins to our Olivia Family. They will be heading our camp and making you laugh along the way.

Stay tuned! We will continue to announce additional pros and coaches in the coming weeks.

Meet your Pickleball Team!

Pickleball Pro Lee Whitwell

Lee Whitwell, Professional Pickleball Player, Coach and Pickleball club consultant

Lee Whitwell is a Top Ranked International Professional Pickleball Player, Coach and Pickleball club consultant. She was voted MVP of Major League Pickleball (MLP) in 2021 and 2022. Born in Gibraltar, a British overseas territory, Lee came to America for college, and went on to compete professionally in tennis. As a professional Pickleball player, she quickly become an international superstar. She is known for her fierce competitiveness on court as well as her humor and ability to engage the crowd. Lee is actively involved in grass roots movements of pickleball and uses her platform and influence to grow the sport nationally and internationally. As a strategic advisor for DUPR (Dynamic Universal Pickleball Rating), Lee leads the international division as well as implementing all upcoming amateur leagues in 2023. Her focus is to build Pickleball into the largest and fastest growing sport in the world. She exemplifies true sportsmanship, while continually showing compassion, kindness, and passion for the sport.

Pickleball Pro Mary Helen Atkins

Mary Helen Atkins, Senior Pickleball Pro and Coach

Mary Helen Atkins is a recognized senior pro pickle ball player within the top ten in the world. Born in San Angelo, Texas, raised as an air force brat making her home Tampa, Fla today. Her passion for the game translates perfectly into her teaching, where her top priority is to equip everyone she works with the tools to become a better player. Atkins began playing in 2013 and started to seriously compete in 2015. She entered the sport with an athletic background. She received a dual scholarship to play tennis and soccer in college. She still tours just recently winning gold at the Delray Beach APP Women’s Doubles Senior Pro Tournament. Atkins is an IPTPA certified instructor and an IPTPA Director for instructor certifications. She is knowledgeable, creative and passionate about teaching. Her favorite motto is: NEVER-ENDING IMPROVEMENTS WITH A BIG SIDE OF FUN! She has been with her partner Jodi Merrill for 28 years who is a 4.5 level player and assists her in coaching. They are world travelers and avid hikers.